What I’d Pack for NYFW


So I think it’s obvious I’m not going to NYFW (I wish I was though). But, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream, right?! Here are a few outfits I would wear! I hope you enjoy and find a little inspiration 🙂


This would be my main outfit. I absolutely love this, it’s relaxed but still chic and the shoes are to die for!


This is such a cute outfit that you can wear anywhere, even to NYFW.


This outfit is super casual and I think pushes the boundaries a little bit. I not quite sure how I feel about the shoes with this outfit, but I absolutely love everything else!

I feel like NYFW is a time to push the boundaries and dare to do something that no one has seen before or would even dream of trying.

So let’s just live like it’s NYFW every day; push the boundaries and be creative. Dare to do something people will talk about. Have fun with it! Life is a runway my children, don’t waste it.

(Also, this is the post I have chosen to christen my new blog. I hope you enjoyed it!)