Dream Bedroom

Hi guys! So it has been SUPER busy for me these past two weeks! I had a huge paper due then it was spring break and I got to go snowboarding with my best friend! We stayed in such a nice house and it was exactly what I needed after a stressful few weeks of school. When I got home I had to leave almost right away to move my sister into her new apartment (and let me just say- that was the worst drive ever)! While I was helping her it got me thinking about how I want my apartment to look, which is what inspired this post! This is what my bedroom would look like in an ideal world, hope you enjoy and you can shop some of the pieces below!

I love my room being in more muted or neutral colors, it makes me feel more relaxed and the light colors seem a lot nicer in bedrooms. Also, this room makes me feel a lot more grown up! Haha!

My favorite pieces:

What would your dream bedroom look like? Leave a comment below or head over to my polyvore post and let me know what would be in your dream bedroom!

Lots of Love,
Bekah Xxx


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